Ideas For A Summer Wedding Regarding Flowers

Flowers are very important in a wedding, so you have to pay special attention to the choice of flowers, as well as flowers arrangement. Many people fail to take into account the season the wedding will take place when they choose flowers. It is essential to think about the season, not because you will not be able to find the said flowers – because you just might find what you need. Still there are so many ready and available flowers – but because your flowers must coordinate and match with the season. Here are the best ideas for a summer wedding when it comes to flowers.

your flowers


lily-bridal-bouquetLilies represent purity, which is precisely what every bride must ooze! You can also find adorable Oriental lilies during the summer. Oriental lilies have a stronger fragrance, and they have a slightly larger bloom, so it will make your wedding bouquet or flower arrangements look more exquisite and quite impressive.


Many wedding organizers will suggest that you use lavender as a wedding bouquet. Still, in my opinion, it is far better to use lavender as a decoration on weddings, rather than using it for the wedding bouquet besides how will it ever match your platinum ring?


peonyOne of my favorite flowers for a wedding occasion is a peony! This flower has the most beautiful symbolism and represents everything you want to have in your future life as a married couple – love, devotion, beauty, prosperity, etc. To all my clients, I suggest peonies, because they are beautiful flowers that look so gentile and exquisite.


You can find roses any time of the year; that much is true, but in the summer they certainly have a fuller, stronger scent to them and are more luxurious and luscious. I recommend roses, but they will not create a unique wedding, so it is also important how you incorporate them with other flowers at your wedding and what kind of flowers arrangements you and your wedding planner choose to have.

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