Wedding Flower Table Arrangements

When it comes to wedding flower and table arrangements, you want it not to be perfect, but awe-inspiring. How is that different? Well, when something is perfect, then it is by definition also cold and sterile, you want to avoid such a vibe, to do just that, follow these simple guidelines.

Each Table Should Be The Same

So, to have some consistency, make each table the same. This will create a uniform feeling to the entire wedding reception, and it will make your wedding ooze order, but not sterility. It is very important to make everything equal to the tiniest detail.

simple wedding table

Order Vs. Chaos

wedding-table-flowersTo create a masterpiece, make sure you create it from chaos. As it has been mentioned earlier in the text, it is very important not to make it sterile or too perfect; you probably know what I mean by that. When everything is symmetrical and perfect, it can look almost as bad as if it were a complete mess. Learning how to walk this very fine line is what makes a great flowers arrangement on a wedding.

Other Elements

It is really important to think of other elements in your wedding and how everything will work together. Work with your wedding planner makes arrangements to make boards and combine colors until you are completely satisfied with the end results.

Flowers And Symbolism

Also, if you want your wedding to be amazing, you have to pay attention to flowers and symbolism, to give out not only a visual vibe but also to trigger positive thoughts. Make sure you, or together with your wedding planner, talk about the symbolism which the flowers create and how this fits in with your vision of the wedding you will have.

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