Wedding Flowers Ideas And Inspiration

When it comes to wedding flowers, there are so many ideas you can use and so many places from which you can get your inspiration, but you also want to incorporate something else than just a mere play with flowers, you want it to mean something. This is what separates a truly exceptional wedding planner and designer from a mediocre one. It is not just the wow moment you get from the guests; it is about high-fiving yourself for a great job you have done, and this is the best reward – making someone’s dream come true.

wedding flowers

Your Couple

So, the first thing you want to think about is the couple. You have to find out whether they like flowers, what kind of flowers they prefer, where they are aesthetical, what are their preferences. Whether the wedding will be more traditional or modern, all of these things do make a difference. Do some research together with the couple and ask them many questions, this will make your work easier.

The Wedding Venue

Another important thing to consider is the wedding venue, and of course, different venues will require different flowers. Make sure you get the most of the wedding venue, but also incorporate the feeling which the couple wants. So, if they go for a traditional wedding in a restaurant, give them something which oozes glamor, if on the other hand they go for a country wedding, make sure everything gives a homey feeling of nature and countryside. You have to have fine taste, but you also have to put your personal preferences aside and do what is best for your couple and the venue.


Dream-Like Moments

So, every couple would like something amazing, even though they do not know what it is, or cannot explain it in words. If you want to create a unique wedding flower arrangement, make sure you learn where to look. Flip through wedding magazines, but also, take a long look outside and mimic nature. This is probably the best piece of advice I can give you, and it has certainly helped me create some organic wedding arrangements.

Visit Nature

As a continuation of the previous piece of advice, I would advise that you visit nature as often as you can, especially parks, castles with gardens and botanical gardens. If you find a flower or a plant you like, take a photo and make sure you find out the name of a said plant, you never know when it might come in handy. Make sure you do as much investigation so that you are prepared just like that the next time the opportunity to create a truly inspiring wedding arrangement comes knocking.

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